December 04 2011

Opening January 2012!

When we began printing two years ago, our ultimate goal was to open an online store where we can peddle our wares on the digital interwebs. We crossed every bridge, dotted every 'i', and hurdled every... hurdle... before we realized we were just procrastinating. 

The day is nearly at hand. We are busy creating our store and we'll officially be open at the start of the new year! For now, we encourage you to browse our shirts and pre-order anything you like!


It's sort of like a regular order, except we won't process payment or ship items until January. We're using this time as a staging ground so we can work out kinks before going live. The store will operate as close to normal as possible, so please let us know of any quirky behavior you find by using our trusty contact form.

Interesting. What if I pre-order and change my mind?

No worries, you may cancel your order anytime before it ships. Details can be found in our super-exclusive order-confirmation email.

Can I find you on my favorite social-net-blog?

Most certainly! Hit us up on facebook, twitter, or google+. Or, if you hate those sort of things, we also have a blog, which is what you're reading now. Check back for some updates as we post new designs in the coming days!

Any other questions?

You're so handsome.

Thanks! But that's not a question.

How'd you get to be so handsome?

Nice try, but that story will have to be told another time...