January 21 2012

Guess Who's Open for Business?


We are!

Sunspot Labs is ready to start shipping your shirts. Like any creative genius, we got excited about all the design ideas we had, and wanted to immediately print them all on shirts. But then, diligent scientist-types we that we are, we thought rationally and decided to start out small.

So here's our plan: we picked three of our favorite designs, and are offering those to start. We'll debut new design ideas on Facebook, G+, and Twitter, and look for your feedback there to see if our new ideas have traction. Follow us on Facebook, G+, and Twitter for updates, and to help us decide what to print next! 

There's no need to hold off on your orders, though. There's some great stuff just begging to be worn by you right now. Check it out!

So stay tuned, we have a lot of brilliance to share. We just didn't want to overwhelm you with our wit and charm. 

You're welcome.