January 19 2013

A New Year

Our online store just had its first birthday. To mark the occasion, we decided to take some photos of the inside of our studio, as well as get some new shirt designs ready.

I Hope You Cleaned the Place

No. Cleaning is for people that don't have anything better to do (you should see Jesse's apartment). 

And before we say much more, we want to extend our gratitude to the customers who supported our store in the past year. We started printing shirts because we like doing work that we're proud of. And when other people value our work too, well, we just can't thank you enough.

I Think I'm Going to Cry

You've probably got some dust in your eyes. Anyway, this year has a lot of potential, and we're excited to mention several goals we have for the next few months. 

Design Series

Obviously, we're going to keep on truckin' as far as thinking of new shirts to release to an ever grateful public. We've been inspired to start work on some design series, where we pick a theme and release a new addition to that theme annually. This first one will be for Women's History Month in March. There are plenty of women scientists to commemorate, so in the next few weeks we'll choose someone to be the inspiration for the first design. We'll keep you posted on how that progresses.


We also want to start printing on paper, which means we'll have to retool a little bit throughout the year. For one, we've got to settle on some good water-based ink and practice our multi-color registration process. There's more work involved in printing on paper, but there's a huge payoff as far as color quality and design possibilities.

More Sketches

With every design we do, there's some history behind each one, and we'd like to share that with you. We'll document the sketches, rough drafts, and revisions of our new designs so you can read up on how they came about and learn how the sausage is made.


Delicious! Anyway, without further ado, some photos of the studio! We also took pictures of some of the shirts we've got in the store, so check those out on the product pages. Pretend it's a scavenger hunt!

The falcon screen ready to go.

Wall of test prints #1.

Wall of test prints #2.

Mr. Handsome himself.