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About Us

Sunspot Labs is a screen printing and design company located in Seattle, Washington. 

We got our start in 2009 when we printed shirts in Jesse's basement for our bowling team, the Hamster Fighting Machines. Other people started requesting shirts of their own, and things snowballed from there.

From the very start all of our screen prints have been hand produced and we intend to keep it that way. We develop our own designs, and print all of our products in our studio in Seattle. Sunspot Labs is our tiny beach head in the fight against mass produced cheap products.

While we make our own designs, we frequently work with customers to design and print their work. We are happy to take your project, in whatever stage it may currently be, and turn it into a great print. And we don't stop at t-shirts. We continue to try printing on all kinds of surfaces. Album covers, great! Hockey pucks, not great (not yet, anyway). Check out our Custom Orders page to see how we've done this in the past.

Jesse and Christin, owners and generally swell characters.